A Coastal Customer

is a wholesale distributor, manufacturer or service provider.

is anywhere in the USA.

needs an asset based loan from $100 thousand to $25 million.

always has commercial accounts receivable.

often has inventory and machinery & equipment.

is often thinly profitable or losing money.

may have a weak balance sheet and might reflect a deficit tangible net worth.

could be in, or emerging from, bankruptcy.

might be in an asset recovery department of a bank or an “exit” strategy.

has the ability to report collateral to us on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

can explain their turnaround plan.

requires advance rates of: 80% to 85% on accounts receivable;

20% to 50% on inventory;
80% to 85% on liquidation value of M&E

typically (but not always) has the support of a personal guarantor.

has no financial covenants in its loan agreement.

preferably needs to refinance quickly.

wants to do business with friendly and knowledge people.

may be stronger credit, which qualifies for asset based or commercial lending.

Just a few of our clients:

Plastic Manufacture – Long Island NY

Wine Distributor – San Carlos CA

Staffing and Employment Agency – Manhattan NY

Nation Wide Flooring and Tile – East Windsor NJ

Freight and Trucking – Jersey City NJ

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