Factoring / Asset Based Lending

Why Use Factoring?

  • To meet payroll and other immediate cash flow requirements.
  • To spend more time on business operations and less on reporting requirements.
  • To obtain customer credit risk protection.
  • To buy inventory for increased sales.
  • To have an alternative to bank financing or equity financing.
  • To supplement or reduce the amount of equity being raised.
  • To take advantage of vendor discounts and opportunistic purchases.
  • To bring taxes current.
  • To acquire equipment necessary to reduce costs.
  • To reorganize, whether in or out of bankruptcy.
  • To make strategic acquisitions.

Factoring Benefits and Solutions

SAVE TREES – no financial statement requirements.

SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE – no personal guarantees required validity guarantee only.

SAVE TIME – close in 4-5 business days.

SAVE ENERGY – application and aging report are all the documents needed to qualify.

SAVE ACCOUNTING AND LEGAL COSTS – straightforward pricing structure – no need for CPA to evaluate costs. Our 4 page factoring agreement is easy to understand with or without an attorney.

SAVE THE ORDER – let CCG arrange for purchase order funding and do not lose the order!

SAVE RELATIONSHIPS – clients can pick and choose which receivables to fund.

SAVE AT CLOSING – nominal due diligence charge and no closing fees.

SAVE MONEY – very competitive pricing with no monthly minimum fees and no long term commitment.

SAVE YOUR SANITY – our simple, fast and straightforward way of doing business and our professional team will keep your cash flowing so that you can operate your business more effectively.

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